SHINKALION is One Awesome Bullet Train Robot

B0(+50)_0302_入稿_ol© East Japan Marketing and Communications, Inc.

Trains and giant robots are like chocolate and peanut butter, and Japanese popular media is filled with cool locomotive mecha (Might Gaine, Gaogaigar, ToQ-Oh from ToQGer), but also their transformations sequences.

In terms of not just train robot morphing but also combination and transformation scenes in general, East Japan Marketing & Communication, Inc.’s SHINKALION is top tier.

Obviously there’s no criteria set in stone for what makes a good or bad transformation sequence, but there are a couple of things in particular that I think really stand out.

First, is the fact that the primary combination point is the coupler, or the hook that connects two train cars together. This emphasizes the train-like qualities of SHINKALION and further emphasizes its association with railroads.

Second, is the fact that SHINKALION’s transformation creatively uses various bends in the cars to make the final form non-obvious when seeing its train form, but also keeps enough of the train aesthetic to make it identifiable as such. This is actually quite a tricky line to toe, as the history of giant robots is filled with designs that look unfortunately like objects with arms and legs. Though, even this is okay sometimes.

Will there ever be a full Shinkalion anime in the future? Would you like to see it happen? Who would Shinkalion fight?

SHINKALION will be at Waku Waku +NYC, the new Japanese Pop Culture Festival in Brooklyn, NY this August 29th and 30th! Combining anime, music, fashion, art, video games and more, tickets are on sale now!


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