Play Mighty No. 9 with Creator Keiji Inafune at Waku Waku +NYC!


Ever since we announced that Keiji Inafune, Mega Man co-designer and current creator of Mighty No. 9, would be at Waku Waku +NYC, we’d been eagerly awaiting the next exciting piece of news. Now though, it’s gotten even bigger than we originally expected!

At first, we were just going to say that there’s going to be a playable demo of Mighty No. 9 at Waku Waku +NYC two weeks before official release. You can get a regular ticket just for that, and eagerly wait in line to try out this fantastic new game that draws from both the classic platformer and modern gameplay refinements.

However, with a VIP Pass you can skip the line and play Mighty No. 9 before anyone else at Waku Waku +NYC! What’s more, if you’re one of the next 10 people to buy a VIP Pass you’ll be able to play with Mr. Inafune himself! Keep in mind that Mighty No. 9 is not a multiplayer game, but Inafune will be there to hear your thoughts, cheer you on, and maybe even show you how it’s done.

So whether you want to brave the line or skip to the front to be with the man himself, Waku Waku +NYC is the place to be for both fans of retro gaming and those who appreciate newer fare as well. Check it out!


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