This Pokémon Might Be the Unofficial Mascot of Waku Waku +NYC

I recently realized that there’s something of an unofficial Waku Waku +NYC mascot in the Pokémon universe!

In a previous post, I wrote about how Lolita fashion has quite a presence in Pokémon. In particular, we have Gothitelle.

Now think about this:

  • Gothitelle, of course, represents Lolita fashion, one of our big attractions at Waku Waku +NYC
  • Pokémon is a symbol of Japanese gaming and how Japanese pop culture has spread around the world
  • The game Gothitelle comes from, Pokemon Black and White, is based on New York City (seriously, compare it to a map of Manhattan!)

Who better represents what Waku Waku +NYC is all about? Gothitelle is awesome!


PS: We have a Lolita fashion modeling contest for Waku Waku +NYC! Like us on Facebook, and then enter! 


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