Rozen Maiden and the Five Lolita Fashion Styles

Rozen Maiden and the Five Lolita Fashion Styles

Lolita Fashion can be a surprisingly complex subject, given all of the various permutations, trends, and personal touches that go into it. The video above, from famed Lolita Fashion line “Baby, the Stars Shine Bright” and Misako Aoki, helps to clarify the five main styles—Traditional, Sweet, Classical, Gothic, and Prince.

What I’ve come to realize is that the characters in the manga and anime Rozen Maiden, about living Victorian-style dolls who fight each other in order to become “Alice,” all correspond to these five Lolita Fashion archetypes. It’s allowed me to commit these categories to memory, so maybe it’ll help you too!

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Traditional Lolita

Described as consisting of “cute, girlish dresses made from plain, natural-toned fabric and lace,” the Traditional Lolita, appropriately, corresponds with the main doll in Rozen Maiden, Shinku. In support of this, Shinku sports both the signature headdress of the Traditional style, as well as twin ponytails.

 Sweet Lolita

 Characterized as emphasizing a childish look, “pink color from head to toe,” and patterns consisting of cute items, the doll Hina Ichigo embodies the concept of “Sweet Lolita” in both body and mind. Just remember her love of sweets (strawberry daifuku), and not so much her love of hamburgers topped with flower-shaped eggs.

 Classical Lolita

 Two characters in Rozen Maiden take cues from the Classical Lolita look: Suiseiseki and Kanaria. Both wear outfits that emphasize lace, delicate ribbons, and “mature elegance.” While it’s arguable just how mature and elegant these two characters are, just remember their outfits more than their personalities.

 Gothic Lolita

Perhaps the most well-known Lolita Fashion style, Gothic Lolita is known for its heavy use of black and qualities that evoke the image of a witch. Naturally, the darkest and most eerie dolls of Rozen Maiden correspond to this distinction: the disturbed Suigintou and the mysterious Kirakishou.

 Prince Lolita

 Also known as “Boy Style,” the key items of this particular look are short pants and a silk hat, as well as short hair either achieved naturally or through the use of a wig. Souseiseki, Suiseiseki’s twin, fits this description to a tee, being the only doll in Rozen Maiden to feature all three of those qualities.

Just as the distinctions between Lolita Fashion styles themselves can sometimes be fairly nebulous, in actuality the different Rozen Maiden dolls aren’t so rigidly categorized either, but I think this is a useful starting point for those wishing to learn more about Lolita Fashion.

So, which style do you prefer?



2 thoughts on “Rozen Maiden and the Five Lolita Fashion Styles

  1. Great tutorials. A cool part of the video is how much of the terminology seems to be based or adapted from English words.


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